Founded in 1993, The surgical Company, headquarterd in The Netherlands, has gown both organically and through mergers an acquisitions to a Group of 9 companies employing 350 employees and generating Euro 140 milion in annual sales.  9 companies are divided over 5 countries:  Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom and The netherlands

Hemologic B.V. is a Dutch R&D company and a part of The Surgical Company (located in Amersfoort, The Netherlands) and aim to introduce a novel non-invasive cardia diagnostic and monitoring technology, for use in the assessment of the hemodynamic function of the heart by measuring arterial and vetnriculair filling curves.


Drs.  Luc Van Schil - CEO of The Surgical Company Group, INSEAD MBA graduate, has a background in business consulting with McKinsey, and became an entrepreneur for surgical specialties, founding the Surgical Company in 1993 which has grown in a Group holding of 7 companies with a cumulative revenue of 80 million Euro in 2015. Mr. van Schil has a long experience with merger and acquisitions, medical distribution, and development of proprietary medical products manufactured either in house or through outsourcing, which are then distributed either directly by the other surgical company group companies or through distributors.

Drs. Charles Hollenkamp MD - Managing Director Hemologic, INSEAD MBA graduate, involved in the project since 2001 as an investor, also with a background in business consulting and an entrepreneur in healthcare, real estate and hospitality markets. Graduated as Medical doctor at the University of Amsterdam. Developed a number of private medical diagnostic centers (Meditel) in The Netherlands. Also serves as the medical affairs liaison to the project.

Drs. Willem Elemans -  CFO of the Surgical Company Group since 7 years, serves as the financial and legal liaison for the work done in the development of Hemologic with an extensive experience in financial, operational and logistics management with multinationals as well as investment management

Principal members of the Hemologic projectteam

Dr.  Henk Goovaerts - Biomedical and Electrical engineer consultant with a vast experience in development of hemodynamic measuring systems, involved since the inception of the company in 1993, has developed most of the electronic design and continues to contribute to the development of the associated electronics of the Hemologic Cardiac Profiler.

Drs. Maurrits Konings - Clinical Physicist, Univertsity Medical Centre Utrecht, Project leader for the UMCU members working on the portable HCP, Invented the Field recognition used in HCP, and designed the mathematics and associalted algorithm used for display of the filling cuves.